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There are different types of ladders and each one made with a specific function. Here we discuss main types of ladders:

1. Step Ladders:
Step ladders are considered to be one of the most commonly used ladder in the industry. Step ladders are self supportable and they can be used in the middle of the room, underneath for the trimming of tree or a variety of different locations. There are two major features of step ladders such as they are simple front step ladder and the other is the twin step ladder that provides rungs on both sides of the ladder allowing the person to climb up whatever side is convenient for the person.

2. Extension ladders:
Extension ladders are the first type of ladder that comes in mind when the person thinks of a ladder. This type of ladder is used to reach the high places and can be leaned against some type of support like house, wall or tree. There are two parts of extension ladders such ad base and fly. Most extension ladders have the ability to reach the higher places than a person first think out of the box after seeing it.

3. Platform ladders:
A platform ladder is a type of front step ladder with a platform as its top step. Platform ladders provide the best and higher level of comfort when a person looks while standing on a ladder for any work. This ladder allows the consumer to work on any project that requires the person to use two hands as safely as if a person were on the ground itself.

4. Multi purpose ladders:
Any ladder that is able to accomplish the tasks of 2 or additional of the opposite sorts of ladders may be thought of a multi-purpose ladder. individuals realize this kind of ladder engaging because of the actual fact that it's able to develop into such a large amount of positions; giving the user a range of choices when finishing totally different tasks round the house or on the work. Multi-purpose ladders are able to be opened into a step ladder position so as to be climbable and totally self-supportable.

They'll even be totally opened into an extended position permitting them to achieve higher locations; however a bit like together with your traditional extended ladder you want to have some support to lean the ladder against. Finally, the multi-purpose ladder may be utterly closed when not in use into a storage position that makes storing it simple and economical.
In spite of the above mentioned discussion it is easy to conclude that there are various types of ladders and every type of ladder has its own importance and significance.

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This article was published on 2011/06/10